Monday, March 18, 2013

Thank you Troy Magennis

On behalf of NY SPIN, I am writing to thank Troy Magennis for filling in at the last minute in place of our scheduled speaker this past Tuesday, March 11, 2013. I discovered late Monday afternoon that Troy had written to me to let me know he was flying in from Seattle to replace our scheduled speaker who apparently wasn't coming. In addition to filling in to give someone else's presentation, albeit with his own added insights, such as modeling and forecasting using Monte Carlo techniques, Troy had also just had eye surgery days before. Yet, without knowing me or anyone at NY SPIN, he was making this trip to New York just to present to NY SPIN. He went back to Seattle the next day.

So I wanted to publicly thank Troy for doing this and for making a great presentation in spite of all the obstacles.

It is ironic that the topic was Agile Risk Management, since we didn't know we were at risk of not having a speaker until we heard from his substitute.

So thank you, Troy. We really appreciate what you did.

Richard Kuper
President & CEO