Wednesday, November 8, 2017

From the Board and Management of NY SPIN

Last week we were deeply saddened to learn that Darren Drake was among the victims of the terrorist attack on the bicycle trail in New York City on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

In 2013, Darren worked at Fiserv with our Board Chair, Richard Kuper. Darren had some thoughts about Agile and how it helped the “Knowledge Worker”. Richard was convinced that Darren could turn those thoughts into a great presentation and eventually convinced Darren to create and give such a presentation to NY SPIN. Darren gave that presentation: "Does Agile Help the Knowledge Worker?" in November 2013. Darren answered emphatically that it does help the knowledge worker, and he showed us how it did. His proud mother was in the audience.

A review of Darren’s talk will show you how enthusiastic he was about his work and Agile's ability to make things better for workers, management, and customers. That presentation can be viewed here:

When he was killed on Tuesday, Darren was a project manager at Moody's Analytics in lower Manhattan. While bicycling on a work break near his office, Darren was run down by the terrorist, who drove a small rented truck into cyclists and pedestrians to kill and maim. Here is a news article that includes a brief interview with Darren's bereaved father and others close to him:

Our hearts go out to Darren's family, friends, and colleagues. Richard Kuper is writing a condolence note on behalf of himself and NY SPIN to Darren's parents.

At our next monthly meeting, we will request a moment of silence to remember Darren and his enduring contribution to our programs.

May he rest in peace.

Richard Kuper, Bill Greenbaum, and Marc Fiedler