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NY SPIN: May 7: Defining and Measuring Goals and Business Objectives: What You Measure Matters (Margaret Tanner Glover)

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NY SPIN is pleased to welcome Margaret Tanner ("Maggie") Glover. Her topic: Defining and Measuring Goals and Business Objectives: What You Measure Matters

NY SPIN is also pleased to again welcome Thoughtworks  as the Hosting Sponsor for this event.

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Date: (Tuesday) May 7, 2013
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Defining and Measuring Goals and Business Objectives:
What You Measure Matters

Presenter(s): Margaret Tanner Glover

Location: Thoughtworks


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Defining and Measuring Goals and Business Objectives: What You Measure Matters

When an organization is implementing Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) High Maturity or Six Sigma/Lean methodologies in order to perform Statistical Process Control (SPC) on their processes, products and/or services, how do they know what measures will enable them to design, implement, prove and sustain their initiatives in the organization? Many organizations have what they consider motivational posters on their walls and hallways, with titles such as: "Teamwork", "Productivity" or "Value". What do these really mean in measurable objectives? Are they meaningful to the definition of the business objectives in the organization as well as the individuals?

The CMMI is available in three constellations: CMMI-ACQ (Acquisition) Version 1.3; DEV (Development) and SVC (Services). Each version requires that “Measurement objectives and activities are aligned with identified information needs and objectives.” Measurement and Analysis (MA) Process Area (PA) Specific Goal (SG) 1. In the PA Organizational Process Performance (OPP) Specific Practice (SP) 1.1 states: “Establish and maintain the organization’s quantitative objectives for quality and process performance, which are traceable to business objectives”. In the implementation of Six Sigma and Lean principles, an organization or project is asked to be both controllable and stable by measuring the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and the Voice of the Process (VOP). Various techniques such as measuring our ability and target help to determine these values. How do we then define our objectives to reflect the capability of the business and the requirements of the customer in a clear and concise set of business objectives? How do we know if our business objectives that are measurable, understandable and traceable to the work performed is necessary to deliver the product and/or service to our customers? This presentation will explain how to define your business objectives, tying together the requirements of both CMMI and Six Sigma/Lean principles, in order to establish the required activities in both for continuous improvement.

Biography: Margaret Tanner Glover

Ms. Margaret Tanner Glover has exceptional experience in evaluating and appraising commercial (banks, energy, software and service) as well as government and private health management practices. Lately, she has worked with the IRS on a CMMI appraisal of the software being used to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) governance rules. She has also worked with the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and CMMI methodologies at various pharmaceuticals.

Formerly a Process Improvement Center of Excellence Director, Ms. Tanner Glover was deeply involved with all aspects of telecom engineering operations. She oversaw all the process improvement methodology and standard implementations for all the Engineering Development in all products produced by the 3Com/USRobotics corporation.

Ms. Tanner Glover is a High Maturity CMMI Lead Appraiser, a Six Sigma Lean Black belt as well as a SCRUM Master and ISO 9001, ISO 27002 and ISO 13485 Lead Auditor. Ms. Tanner Glover has worked in Information Systems with Cloud Computing Security and Information Security using ISO 27001. She has helped define Cloud Architecture and Cloud Auditing metrics for various clients. She has a certificate in Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK) and is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Ms. Tanner Glover is a former Captain in the Air Force at US SPACECOM where she served as a Satellite Officer in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex (CMC) and Project Manager of the US Anti-Satellite Weapon during the one live shot of the system. Ms. Glover has also worked at various companies such as Accenture, Lockheed, MITRE and Northrop. Ms. Tanner Glover has an BS from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s Degree from Webster University.

OK now for the fun stuff: Maggie is a Reiki Master (energy healing). She loves to travel, especially to Taiwan and London. Maggie loves to work out, dance and has taken up archery 3 years ago (before the Hunger Games came out). Maggie is in the Society of Creative Anachronism for the local Barony where she can be seen dressed as a pirate at Pennsic War. She loves to garden (Master Gardener cert by UConn), and loves organic food (USDA Certified Organic Process Inspector). She loves to cook and is a vegetarian.

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