Monday, August 20, 2012

NY SPIN is looking for hosted meeting space

Dear Subscriber: 

NY SPIN is looking for hosted meeting spaces, preferably in Manhattan, but will consider downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City since they are only one or two train stations outside Manhattan, for our upcoming season. 

We meet once a month after work. The meeting dates for the 2012-13 season can be found on our website on the Calendar page.

Can your company host one or more meetings with the following basic needs?
  • Time: 5-8 pm
  • Able to scale as needed: 40 - 100 attendees.
  • Connect computer to projector.
  • Connect computer to audio if needed.
  • Mic(s) for speaker(s).
  • Internet access if needed.
  • Technical support as needed for above.
  • White board/flip chart if needed.
  • Tables as needed for sponsor table(s), refreshments and such.
Host gets up to 5 minutes of air time during the announcements portion of the event.

If your company can provide space, please respond to this email.

Thank you.

Richard Kuper
President & CEO