Monday, May 14, 2018

5/22, 5:30-7:45 pm in NYC: Dana Pylayeva's DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Game

Organizational change could cause fear, bring havoc and face strong resistance.  What if there were a way to ease into the change and help your teams (and your management) grasp the value of DevOps adoption?  

Join this workshop and experience a way to learn the benefits of DevOps culture through a simulation game. Use role cards, avatars, LEGO and chocolate to visualize bottlenecks in the value delivery flow as well as build empathy for different roles involved in the process.

You will learn to expand the boundaries of individual roles, acquire T-shaped skills and expand the Development team circle to include Operations and Security. We will simulate building and patching environments and protect them from Hackers’ attacks. Through the game, we will transition to continuous value delivery, shorten feedback loop and accelerate the response to the ever-changing market demands.

Details and signup:

Brief Bio: Dana is an Agile Coach, trainer, author and international speaker with over 17 years of diverse IT experience. Keen interest in DevOps culture and experience in Gamification all come together in Dana's game and book “Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Game”.

Dana is passionate about collaboration and helping teams improve. She is a certified Training from the Back of the Room trainer, Open Space and Retrospectives facilitator, CSM, CSP, CSPO, Certified LeSS Practitioner and the founder of Big Apple Scrum Day conference. Last month, she delivered a keynote to Agile Games 2018 in Boston.  Dana currently works at Hudson's Bay Company.