Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Webinar June 10: Agile Coaching: An Inside Look

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has a webinar coming up that we thought you might be interested in: 

Tuesday June 10th, 1:30PM

Agile Coaching: An Inside Look

Many companies seek to be agile in order to better adapt to changing requirements, market place, and customers; to build not just any product but the “right” one; to get their products, services, and enhancements to market more quickly; and do so with high quality levels. Enterprise agility seeks the same outcomes but is done at a much larger scale, and the larger the enterprise the more complex and complicated the needs and challenges can be.

It’s been demonstrated time and time again that working with an agile coach can dramatically improve success rates, accelerate adoption, and when done well catalyze lasting and sustainable change. But what does that really mean and how can a coach help? Agile coaching has become such a sought after service and it’s momentum stirred up so much dust that it’s left company leaders cloudy about when to engage an agile coach, what to expect when working with them, and how their services can actually enable the results their organization seeks.

In this webinar Jeff Steinberg, one of BigVisible's Senior Agile Coaches will let people in on the mystery of:

- Why agile coaching is so crucial to successful agile adoption and lasting transformation
- What agile coaches do and when to engage one
- How agile coaches partner with you to:
--- Identify and overcome weak spots
--- Develop and implement holistic strategies for sustained success
--- Enable high-performing teams, programs, and large organizations
--- Become the internal agile coach at your organization

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