Friday, April 11, 2014

Webinar: Learn how to maximize the return on your Agile investments

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has a webinar coming up that we thought you might be interested in: 

Tuesday April 29th, 2:00PM

Get the most out of your Agile investment, today and tomorrow!

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No matter where you are along the Agile path this webinar will help you get the most out of your Agile investment. Whether you are avoiding getting started or well down the road, you can maximize the return on your Agile investments by understanding the environmental factors that impact Agile and mapping out an adoption path that lets you incrementally bring value while you continually improve.

Key Learning Objectives:
- Understand that becoming Agile is not a black or white proposition
- Understand how a deep understanding of the Agile Values and - Principles is key to getting value out of Agile practices
- Know the factors that impact the path to Agility and how to address them or adapt your practices.
- Learn how to (and how not to) move to Agility in your environment

This webinar will be hosted by BigVisible coach David Hammerslag. 

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